Security Companies and Security Consultation

Security Consultations make the difference between security companies that businesses might hire for the safety and security of their goods, facilities and employees. A company that is providing excellent services will employ well educated and experienced consultants, who will look at facilities and existing security plans and client expectations and create a comprehensive safety and security plan. The security plan will include a security assessment, recommendations, training manual for the guards and employees, customized post orders, emergency plan and much more.

A business hires consultants and security companies protecting the most important assets of their business. Therefore, it is extremely important to hire the right company. A company that does not offer consultations and does not employ security consultants with the necessary education and credentials will not be the right company. Every aspect of the security plan must be overseen by a security consultant that has experience and credentials, because in the worst case scenario the right preparation might make the difference between life and death. In a region where natural disasters reoccur frequently and crime statistics are rising it is extremely important for businesses to partner with the right company.

In my experience as a security specialist I have met with business owners and business managers that hire security companies strictly by price or proximity to their business. That would be a big mistake, because most of the time the companies that offer the lowest price do not provide security consultations. That means they are not training their own staff and the staff of their clients appropriately. In case of a disaster or an emergency they will not be prepared to meet the challenges of the situation.

Recently a security guard was shot while providing services at an apartment building in Santa Ana. The security guard had complained to his supervisors numerous times about gang members harassing and threatening him. He had also asked for a second security guard, but the security company he worked for did not take the threats serious. Not only did the security company put their employee in harms way, but they also created a huge liability for their client.

A security company with experienced and knowledgeable consultants would have recommended a second guard and an armed guard. Additionally, they would have refused to put their employee in harms way if the client refused to follow their recommendation. Choosing the right security company and the right consultant will ensure that officers perform their job according to customized post orders and customer expectations. It will ensure that guards are well trained and prepared. The minimal additional expense will be well worth the better service and lower risk.

Gated Retirement Communities Keep Baby Boomers Safe And Secure

There was a time not so long ago in the US, where if you wanted to retire and move to one of the secure gated retirement communities that you had seen on the television, that you had to move to Florida or Arizona. That is not the case anymore, and you can find all kinds of baby boomer retirement communities in many parts of the US.

The gated communities are becoming more and more popular with baby boomers these days for a couple of reasons. Because the retirement communities look so similar to other communities that are in the neighborhood, many people think nothing of driving through the retirement community on their way to somewhere else.

This can create a lot of traffic that you don’t really need or want to have around your home. And in some communities which are covered by particular rules and regulations, you are allowed to drive an electric cart or golf cart on the roadways themselves. If you have other vehicles that are not aware of this practice, you may find a potential for more traffic accidents.

A gate at the front entrance to the community is wonderful idea to alleviate this issue.

Living in a gated adult community can also help a lot in terms of regular security concerns. It’s not exactly like living inside a castle or Fort Knox or a place like that, but when there is a security booth out front and a gate which is controlled by a security code; it can go a long way to helping you feel safe in your home.

And unfortunate part of life, these days, is that even though baby boomers may think themselves invulnerable, they still get attacked and robbed more frequently than almost any other demographic group. You can’t make all those dangers go away, of course, but by living in a facility that has a gate on it, you can significantly cut down on the amount of crime that is opportunistic in nature.

That means, the kind of crime that bad people just decide to commit on the spur of the moment without planning in advance. So many property crimes are committed on the spur of the moment; that if you do anything to send a message that you live in a secure place your chances of being a victim of one of these crimes is reduced significantly.

As a baby boomer thinking about housing options as you near retirement age, you might think that living in one of the gated retirement communities may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But for an extra feeling of safety and security, this kind of development is hard to beat.

How to Keep Your Apartment Safe and Secure

Safety and security is of utmost importance in our everyday life. Due to the rising crime rate in the cities, you need to be cautious and alert even in your own home. There a few basic safety precautions you must take, in and around your apartment building, so that you don’t fall prey to any such crimes.

Use the Right Technology for Door Safety

This is the most basic advice you will receive from anyone. Never leave your apartment unlocked while going anywhere because it might attract criminals.

Have deadbolts on the door to prevent break-ins while you are inside. Install a peephole on your door and check through it every time that you open your door. Check the ID of any maintenance or delivery person through the peephole. You need to be sure that you are not opening your doors to someone who can be a potential threat to you and your family.

Pay Attention to Window Safety

Although, it is not possible to keep windows shut all the time, shut them when you are going out.

Be careful not to leave your valuables like mobile, laptop, wallets and so on, within reach of the open window, especially if you are living on the ground floor or the first floor.

The best option is to have grilled windows, as then you can keep them open without having to worry much about intruders and burglars.

Install a Security System

You can install an alarm system in your apartment. If it is a rented apartment, you will need the permission of the property owner. You can install motion sensors in the house that will inform you of any activity that is happening inside the house when you are away.

Other than motion sensors, you can also use timers when you are away. These will automatically switch on radios, TV, or lights, so that your apartment does not look empty.

Do a Background Check on the Employees

Thoroughly check the background of any domestic help, driver, and babysitters that you hire. It is best to hire someone who has been referred to you by someone you can trust. Obtain basic personal information, like their name, their ID proof and their permanent address if possible.

Make your Apartment Fire Resistant

Take necessary precautions against any fire outbreaks in your apartment. Make sure to have fire alarms and water sprinklers installed on the ceiling of your apartment. The sprinklers will detect smoke from the fire and turn on automatically.

Also keep a fire extinguisher in your apartment. Then you can set out small fires around the kitchen or anywhere in the apartment on your own.

Practice fire drills with your family members so that they will know the proper steps for evacuation in case of a fire breakout.

Always keep the local emergency number, the ambulance hotline number and the fire brigade number on speed dial on your phone.